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What to Do When Your Child Gets a DUI

What to Do When Your Child Gets a DUI

Your child is facing DUI charges. One of the first and most natural responses is, of course, to feel angry, disappointed, or even afraid, but it is important to set emotions aside for the sake of your child’s future and to immediately take action. DUI convictions are incredibly serious, capable of changing an individual’s life for many years to come, regardless of age. These charges are simply traffic violations, but a crime. As a parent, you might be very upset, but you will also want to support and help your child as best as you can.

When you receive a call from your child after he or she has been arrested, it is important not ask the details of what happened. This is an emotional time and the call is likely being made from a booking desk, holding cell, or is speaking within earshot of a police officer. Whatever is said might be used against your child, so simply find out what the charge is and if bond has been set. Explain that there will be time to discuss the details later and encourage your child to remain silent until he or she has legal counsel.

Get your child out of jail as soon as you find out how much the bond is and hire an experienced DUI criminal defense attorney. The attorney will not only be able to defend against the DUI charge, but represent your child in the administrative license suspension hearing.

No one expects this to happen, so you will likely be caught off guard, but it is crucial to take the right steps to protect your child’s future.

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If your child is facing a DUI charge, securing skilled and experienced legal representation is a vital part of ensuring his or her life is not destroyed by this single event. Our legal team at Brooke-Stevens, PC has provided Muncie with exceptional legal counsel for several decades.

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