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The Science Behind Fireworks

The Science Behind Fireworks

The Fourth of July is around the corner, which means fireworks will soon illuminate the nation’s sky with a glittery light show that will surely captivate every onlooker. They are as much a part of our culture as grilling on the barbecue with friends and family on this treasured summer holiday. We have all likely enjoyed these sparkling spectacles several times, but what actually goes into making them work?

Colors and Effects

Fireworks would not be nearly as stunning without the colors and effects used turn an explosion in the sky into a work of brief and fleeting artwork. Different metal compounds and elements create each color. Blue-greens and violet-blues are among the most dangerous and difficult fireworks to create, given the instability of the elements involved.

  • Green: Barium
  • Orange: Calcium Salts
  • Blue: Copper
  • Red: Lithium or Strontium
  • Bright White: Magnesium
  • Gold: Sodium

Effects are just as important and also employ the use of dangerous elements.

  • Sparklers: Aluminum
  • Glitter: Antimony
  • Deepened Colors: Calcium
  • Temporary Varying Sparks: Iron
  • Glow in the Dark: Phosphorous
  • Silver Sparks: Titanium
  • Smoke Effects: Zinc

In addition to the chemicals necessary to give these fantastic displays the wow factor they need, there are other chemicals necessary to make a firework, such as black powder, mortar, a shell, pyrotechnic compounds known as stars, bursting charge (which play a part in the patterns created), and a fuse.

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