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Firework Safety: Everyone's Responsibility

Firework Safety: Everyone's Responsibility

At Brooke-Stevens, P.C., we care extensively about the safety of individuals who are involved in the fireworks business as well as those who use these products. Especially around Fourth of July, fireworks are an exciting way to celebrate with friends and loved ones. These products are even referred to in the national anthem by Francis Scott Key as a tool that adds excitement to our nation’s birthday.

Fireworks can even prove dangerous in the hands of trained professionals, especially when the proper protocol is not followed and precautions are not taken. For individuals who choose to celebrate an important occasion through use of fireworks, we encourage them to exercise caution. Below, we have provided some helpful tips on firework safety before you light up the night sky.

Light Fireworks at a Distance
You must make sure that the fireworks are lit at a safe distance from onlookers. If possible, they should be lit on a fire-proof surface and far away from any structures.

Keep Water Handy
Water should be close by when you are using fireworks. If a hose is not nearby, have a bucket of water around at all times while lighting fireworks. If one of the products explodes, dowse it with water as quickly as possible.

Adult Supervision
The most essential step to take is to ensure that there is adequate adult supervision. According to the National Council on Fireworks Safety, fireworks should absolutely never be given to children.

Follow the Laws Regarding Firework Safety

Every county and state has its own laws and guidelines for the handling and use of fireworks. It is important to be aware of the laws in your area that are specific to the potential hazards faced. Additionally, you must also foresee any potential safety hazards yourself. Most importantly, use common sense when lighting off fireworks.

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