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Blog Posts in January, 2017

  • Is it a Requirement to Take a Chemical Test for an OWI?

    If you are pulled over under suspicion of OWI, you will be administered a chemical test in one of the following forms: Breath Test Blood Test Urine Test Under Indiana law, you are in fact required to take a chemical test when arrested for OWI because the state considers driving a privilege, not a right. As long as your arrest was made in a lawful manner, you are held to the state’s “implied ...
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  • Firework Safety: Everyone's Responsibility

    At Brooke-Stevens, P.C., we care extensively about the safety of individuals who are involved in the fireworks business as well as those who use these products. Especially around Fourth of July, fireworks are an exciting way to celebrate with friends and loved ones. These products are even referred to in the national anthem by Francis Scott Key as a tool that adds excitement to our nation’s ...
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